Business Consultant, Datacom

Having been advised that she should study subjects she enjoys rather than those that only promised a good salary, Shivani Goundar chose Information Systems, along with Operations and Supply Chain Management, as her BCom majors.

Shivani Goundar, Business Consultant, Datacom
Shivani Goundar, Business Consultant, Datacom

Key facts

Career: Business Consultant
Programmes: Bachelor of Commerce, Master of Commerce
Subjects: Information Systems and Operations and Supply Chain 

“While studying for my BCom, I was working part-time in the health industry, and after completing this degree I started working full time in a local district health board."

My most cherished experience at the Business School was being the tutor for
Infosys 737. I had taken the course previously and now I was very happy to
share my learning and help students on their journey.”

Shivani Goundar

“I come from a Pacific/Indian background, where Type 2 diabetes is a very common preventative disease in the community. So I decided to combine both my passions for health and information systems. This led to the publication of a conference paper on
my Masters thesis topic: ‘Design and Implementation of Sustainable Health Education Reversion and Prevention using Persuasion and Affiliation’, for which I received the Susan Byrne Cup for best Masters thesis of 2018."