Regional Product Lead at Google

Pippa Jaffrey's time in the Business School's Women’s Mentoring Program helped to prepare her for the world of work after university.

Pippa Jaffrey
Pippa Jaffrey, Regional Product Lead at Google

Key facts

Career: Regional Product Lead 
Programme: Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce
Subjects: International Business, Management, Marketing, Psychology and History

"Probably the best experience I had at the Business School was being involved in the Women’s Mentoring Program in 2017. I found this programme really interesting and it helped prepare me for the world of work after university.

"My mentor helped me to identify my CliftonStrengths which I was able to apply across my life in order to achieve great results in a variety of situations. I’d recommend the program to anyone - it was so empowering.

I’m passionate about people – the way they think and behave, and what makes everyone unique. I naturally wanted to choose majors that reflected this in an applied business sense, so I decided on Management and Marketing, adding International Business a bit later.

Pippa Jaffrey

"I also used the University’s career services, which helped me to reflect on myself and what kind of role I was after, as well as how to analyse companies. I went to heaps of recruitment events in order to learn about different companies and network with them. I met a person from the Google Recruitment Team at one of these events, and that’s what eventually led to my job offer at Google in Sydney.

"I’m excited to be able to work in a fast-paced, exciting and challenging environment surrounded by fun and intelligent individuals."