Property Adviser at Auckland Transport

A key advantage of studying Property at Auckland for Alex Saifiti was the wealth of social and professional networking opportunities offered during his studies.

Alex Saifiti
Alex Saifiti, Property Adviser at Auckland Transport (AT)

Key facts

Career: Property Adviser
Programme: Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Property
Subjects: Commercial Law, Management, Property

"I chose Property because it is a fundamental part of society. You will struggle to name a business that does not rely on property in its operations. And the people behind the property, whether they are buying, selling, valuing, managing, marketing or surveying, are fundamental to every transaction.

"I chose my Commercial Law and Management majors because they complemented my property degree well and provided additional knowledge and skills, from reading and interpreting case law, to working well in teams and dealing with difficult people.

"I was a graduate property specialist in the Auckland Transport (AT) Early Career Programme. This is a three-year programme where graduates spend their first six months in their home base and then have three six-month rotations around the wider organisation before moving back to their home base for one year.

A person’s property career is heavily reliant on who you know, the way you present yourself and what people remember you for. Networking provides the opportunity to connect, learn more about the property market and strengthen your communication skills.

Alex Saifiti

"Property Acquisitions is my home base. I learnt so much in the short span of my first six months, and really enjoyed working in a team that is accommodating, productive and fun to work with.

"A cool element of the programme is the ability to influence where you wish to go within the organisation. My first rotation was with Māori Policy and Engagement - to learning more about Mana Whenua, Maata Waka and the skills required to work well with a partner, fundamental to the future success of Auckland’s transport network."