Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences in Medical Imaging

The PGDipHSc (Medical Imaging) programme is designed for medical imaging technologists (MITs) seeking to extend their understanding of medical imaging and contribute to the improvement of clinical health services by implementing their knowledge and expertise within medical imaging services.


To gain admission to the PGDipHSc (Medical Imaging) a student must:

  • Have completed an undergraduate degree in Medical Imaging.
  • Hold a current registration with the New Zealand Medical Radiation Technologists Board (MRTB) in the Medical Imaging Technologist scope of practice, or provide evidence of registration (or other evidence of the right to work) as a medical imaging technologist in their country of domicile.

Programme structure

Students are required to enrol in, and complete the following courses:

MEDIMAGE courses do not require a clinical position although some may require access to a department with the specialist imaging modality.  

Students will need to be employed in an appropriate clinical role at a site approved by the University of Auckland in order to enrol in the majority of CLINIMAG courses.

For individual course planning advice, please email

International medical imaging technologists working in MRI or ultrasound and wanting to study the theoretical aspects relevant to their imaging modality may complete an MRI pathway for international students or an Ultrasound pathway for international students within the PGDipHSc(Medical Imaging) programme.

MRI Pathway (for international students)*

Ultrasound Pathway (for international students)*

  • MEDIMAGE 701 - Imaging Anatomy and Pathology (15 Points)
  • MEDIMAGE 702 - Professional Issues in Medical Imaging (15 Points)
  • MEDIMAGE 716 - Fundamentals of Clinical Ultrasound* (15 Points)
  • MEDIMAGE 717 - Ultrasound Imaging Technology (15 Points)
  • CLINIMAG 719 - Ultrasound Abdominal Clinical Applications (15 Points)
  • CLINIMAG 713 - Ultrasound in Women’s Health (15 Points)
  • CLINIMAG 720 - Ultrasound Specialised Clinical Applications (15 Points)
  • POPLHLTH 701 - Research Methods in Health (15 Points)

*Please note: these pathways do not lead to registration with the MRTB as assessment of clinical competency is not included within the programme.  


This programme has a total enrolment clause of 160 points. This is the maximum number of points you can enrol in (including failed or withdrawn courses) towards this programme.

Detailed information on admission criteria, programme structure and content, and the schedule of courses can be found in the University Calendar regulations for the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences. These should also be read in conjunction with the University's General Regulations - Postgraduate Diplomas.

New students: to ensure you enrol on time, please visit our step-by-step guide to applications, admission, and enrolment.


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