Forms and guides

Forms and guides for students at the Department of Exercise Sciences.

Absence from class

Sometimes our students are selected to compete in national or international sports competitions. While we encourage participation in sporting events, they do not take the place of academic study.

If you wish to participate in an event (as an athlete) and are required to be absent from classes, you should do the following in advance of an absence:

  • Provide the department with documentation from the sporting organisation detailing your involvement in the event including, exact times, dates and reason for absence. 
  • Pending approval, speak to your course coordinators to arrange alternative coursework equivalent to the assessments, lectures, labs or tutorials you will miss.
  • Agree with your course coordinators (in writing) on the format, content and due dates of your alternative work.
  • Agree with each course coordinator (in writing) on any variation to your course marking schedule, due to changes in your academic programme.

Forms for students

Download forms for examinations, enrolment, graduation, fees, ID cards and postgraduate study.

Master of Physiotherapy Practice forms

Applications for the MPhysioPrac will open on 1 July and close on 1 October.

Intention and approval forms