Oliver Hanham

Oliver is pursuing his interest in the physics of movement in BMX racing with a Master of Science in Exercise Science.

Oliver Hanham

I am currently studying a Master of Science in Exercise Science, researching movement biomechanics.

I am conducting a biomechanical analysis of BMX racing athletes, investigating the kinematics and kinetics of racers as they ride over jumps. My research analyses the joint angles, velocities and force production from the limbs.

This is a new area of research, with no studies previously published.

I have raced BMX competitively since I was 7 years old and have always been interested in the physics behind movement.

Oliver Hanham

During my undergraduate study I studied Statistics, where I developed an interest in research and working with data.

I have learned a lot about how research works in Exercise Sciences and I am able to apply multiple areas of interest to my work, including statistics.

I hope to pursue a career in biomechanics and the application of science in my sport of BMX racing. I would like to work with athletes, especially in cycling, applying biomechanical analysis to research and physical performance. I am also interested in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

I currently have a University of Auckland postgraduate guaranteed scholarship, which allows me to focus on my research.

I was a previous recipient of a scholarship from the Fencible Foundation Trust, which supported me through my transition into undergraduate study.

The support between students and academic staff within and between departments is great. Everyone is very friendly and I have made some good friends during my studies.