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Read about life as a student in the Department of Exercise Sciences and where our graduates end up.

Oliver Hanham

Oliver is pursuing his interest in the physics of movement in BMX racing with a Master of Science in Exercise Science.

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Yiran Jiao

Yiran is a PhD student in Exercise Sciences, investigating VR-based gait training systems for post-stroke patients.

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Maxine Shanks

Maxine is a PhD student in Exercise Sciences, investigating stroke rehabilitation.

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Te Ariki Roos

Te Ariki is a PhD student in Exercise Sciences, exploring the applications and intended effects of nonverbal behaviour in rugby.

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Sasha Douglas, Clinical Exercise Physiology

Sasha Douglas, Clinical Exercise Physiology, is pursuing a career that enables her to help others living with chronic conditions.

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Peter Fermin Dajime, Exercise Sciences PhD candidate

PhD candidate Peter Fermin Dajime wants to help people live an active lifestyle with Virtual Reality technology.

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Arnie Nieuwenhuys, Exercise Science

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