Peter Fermin Dajime

PhD candidate Peter Fermin Dajime wants to help people live an active lifestyle with Virtual Reality technology.

Exercise Science PhD candidate Peter Fermin Dajime.

Programme: Doctor of Philosophy in Exercise Sciences

“Human movement is an exciting field, and more people are aware of the importance of exercise and physical activity.

“While technology seems to deter people from pursuing an active lifestyle, I think technology can encourage people to be more fit and healthy.

“We are trying to develop a tool that can augment the ability of clinicians and practitioners to prescribe home-based exercise programmes for fall prevention among older adults.

The great thing about the PhD programme is that we can combine different disciplines to solve real-world problems.

Peter Fermin Dajime

“In our case, we are using resources and methodologies that are associated with computer science and engineering in the context of exercise prescription.

“We developed a novel balance exergame customized for older adults and use gesture detection to provide feedback on movement quality. Furthermore, our current understanding of how immersive Virtual Reality affects movement patterns is limited. By studying the impact of VR technology on movement kinematics, we would be able to recommend the best method for delivering VR-based interventions to older adults.

“As technology evolves, I would like to be one of those who find solutions to encourage people to live an active lifestyle.”