Yiran Jiao

Yiran is a PhD student in Exercise Sciences, investigating VR-based gait training systems for post-stroke patients.

Yiran Jiao

“I’m interested in the role computerised systems like Virtual Reality (VR) can play in home-based rehabilitation in the future.

“Patients with neurological diseases, including post-stroke patients, have gait disorders which results in high fall risks and low life quality. VR-related technology, as a new approach, has been an effective, efficient, and low-cost option in gait rehabilitation.

“My goal is to develop a gait assessment system to assist therapists and clinicians make therapy decision develop a low-cost VR-based gait training program based on the rehabilitation principles to promote the rehabilitation.

“My postgraduate supervisor at Beijing Sport University recommended the University of Auckland as she had a good cooperative experience with my PhD supervisor.

I chose to do my PhD at the University of Auckland because of its reputation and the high worldwide ranking of the Department of Exercise Sciences. 

Yiran Jiao

“I talk with my PhD supervisor frequently, when I have new ideas I get feedback and support immediately.

“My PhD student colleagues provide lots of support too, which helps me study and work efficiently.

“I received a scholarship from the Chinese Scholarship Council, which helps cover my living expenses and tuition fees.

“I like making the most of the opportunities available on campus. I’ve taken part in English language activities to improve my writing and oral skills.

“I also do some fitness classes, such as dance, in the Sports and Recreational Centre, which is a good experience.

“I have made several good friends at the University Auckland. We often do activities like camping, hiking and travelling which helps to maintain balance between my studies and life.”