Student research conference

The Department of Mathematics recognises the importance of student scholarly work. The Student Research Conference is an opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to present the research they have conducted, to share it with other students and faculty, and receive feedback.

We invite proposals in pure mathematics, applied mathematics and mathematics education. Students at all academic levels may present their scholarly work at the conference. There will be three prizes of $500 each.

2020 Key Dates and Venue

Submission of Abstracts: 14 August 2020

Notification of acceptance to authors: 21 August 2020

Conference: Intended to be held during the mid-term break.

Chair of the Conference

Shixiao Wang

Programme Committee

Arkadii Slinko – algebra, discrete mathematics

Sione Ma’u – analysis, topology, geometry

Shixiao Wang – applied mathematics

Tanya Evans– mathematics education

Submission of abstracts

Submit your abstract as an attachment in an email sent to the Chair, Dr Shixiao Wang and the program committee member responsible for your field.

Your abstract must be no longer than one page, and saved as a PDF file. Your name, your supervisor’s name and the title are compulsory parts of the abstract.

Take a look at these examples of abstracts from previous years. Please follow these examples wherever possible. In your email, state your name, your supervisor’s name, and indicate whether your supervisor has approved your abstract.