Meet our students and graduates

Read about life as a student in the Department of Physics and where our graduates end up.

Neelesh Rampal, Data Scientist at NIWA

Neelesh Rampal’s experience studying in the Department of Physics gave him all the skills necessary for a career as a data scientist.

Tūtaki mai ki a  | Meet Neelesh
Nicola Gujer, Physics

It was Nicola Gujer’s high school careers adviser who suggested Physics as the best science option to take for someone who likes maths.

Tūtaki mai ki a | Meet Nicola
Lizzy Grant, physics graduate

Studying in the Department of Physics gave Lizzy the practical skills and knowledge needed for her role as a systems engineer.

Tūtaki mai ki a | Meet Lizzy
Jacob Ngaha, Physics

University of Auckland Doctoral Scholar, Jacob, is studying signal processing in a quantum optics setting as his thesis topic.

Tūtaki mai ki a | Meet Jacob
Fang 'Rachel' Ou, Physics

Rachel discovered what is possible when diverse expertise and experience come together.

Tūtaki mai ki a | Meet Rachel
Portrait of Caleb todd

Caleb Todd's passion for studying physics and explaining it to others made a career in academia as a physicist an easy choice.

Tūtaki mai ki a | Meet Caleb
Mahima Seth, Environmental Physics

Mahima is aiming to use her Honours study in physics to apply the principles of our own environment to learning more about the environments of other planets.

Tūtaki mai ki a | Meet Mahima
Zoe Davidson, Optical designer

Zoe Davidson says one of the most serendipitous things that has occurred in her life was not doing well in school as it put her on her path to optoelectronics.

Tūtaki mai ki a | Meet Zoe
Yvette Perrott, Physics

Yvette believes the skills from her Physics degree that have been most useful to her since moving into astronomy are the general problem-solving strategies.

Tūtaki mai ki a | Meet Yvette
Petra Tang, Physics teacher

Petra says Physics was one of the only things that made sense to her when she was younger and it was a natural choice when she started her university studies.

Tūtaki mai ki a | Meet Petra
Ihab Caraguli, Medical Physicist

Ihab Caraguli considers physics to be fundamental in gaining scientific understanding of the universe.

Tūtaki mai ki a | Meet Ihab

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