Casey Park

Casey's chance encounter with a leading academic on Courses and Careers Day inspired her choice of University and subject.

Key facts

Programme: Bachelor of Science
Subject: Medicinal Chemistry

“I remember the exact moment when I decided to pursue Medicinal Chemistry.

“In year 12, I came to Courses and Careers Day and attended a lecture about Medicinal Chemistry by Distinguished Professor Margaret Brimble. She explained some of her amazing accomplishments, and how they have affected so many people's lives.

“I was deeply inspired by this and was determined to take Medicinal Chemistry. Also, I enjoyed both chemistry and biology at school, and Medicinal Chemistry is a combination of both. So, it was perfect for me!

Medicinal Chemistry is about designing, synthesising and discovering drugs by using fundamental knowledge from chemistry as well as other fields in science.

Casey Park

"I have gained an unbelievable amount of knowledge about not only chemistry, but also areas such as physiology and immunology.

“This subject helps you to figure out what you are genuinely passionate about by letting you explore a variety of different courses. It is very challenging, but what you gain from it makes everything worth it.

“I would like to go into research. I have been taking an immunology course, which I am absolutely in love with. I’d like to be involved in designing and synthesising drugs that could cure various immunological diseases! I would love to take part in making innovations in the field of medicine that will enhance quality of life.”