Plant and food science research

We offer Masters and PhD research opportunities in a wide range of subjects. Browse the links below for more information.


We have extensive experience in breeding new crops with novel characteristics that appeal to the consumer.

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Praying mantis

Our research covers arthropod biodiversity, beneficial and pest invertebrates and crop pollination.

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Research cutting up feijoa

We cover a range of topics such as food processing, functional foods, nutraceuticals, human nutrition, sensory and consumer science.

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DNA structure

We use molecular and cellular biology techniques to identify the systems, mechanisms and regulation of plant and human biological processes.

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Plant scientist

Our research covers a wide range of plant science disciplines such as plant breeding, plant physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology.

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Grapes on the vine

We study vine and berry physiology, environmental and crop protection and the relationship between viticulture and wine qualities.

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