Entomology and pollination

We research topics of arthropod biodiversity, beneficial and pest invertebrates and crop pollination.

Bumblebee on purple flower

Our research covers a wide range of topics in entomology, such as insect behaviour, sexual selection, insect-plant interactions, insect pheromone identification and chemical ecology.

We have a strong interest in the impacts of agricultural management systems and practices on arthropod biodiversity and the potential impacts of new technologies on beneficial and pest invertebrates.

We also research apiculture, pollination systems, bee health and plant pollination and flowering traits.

Our researchers

University of Auckland staff

Dr Anne Gaskett

  • Entomology

Associate Professor Greg Holwell

  • Entomology

Co-appointed staff

Dr David Pattemore

  • Pollination ecology

Professor Max Suckling

  • Entomology

Plant & Food Research staff

Dr Gonzalo Avila

Email: gonzalo.avila@plantandfood.co.nz

  • Entomology

Dr Libby Burgess

Email: libby.burgess@plantandfood.co.nz

  • Entomology

Dr Andrew Kralicek

Email: andrew.kralicek@plantandfood.co.nz

  • Entomology