Community Transport Team Leader

Cody Lim came from Singapore to study Environmental Science and is now Community Transport Team Leader at Auckland Transport.

Cody Lim

Career: Community Transport Team Leader at Auckland Transport

Programme: Master of Environmental Science

Recipient of an International Student Excellence Scholarship, a Faculty of Science Sustainability Network Research Award, and the Norman Thom Award.

“Being in a new country, I was curious about everything and was open to exploring and learning about Auckland and the University. I did not know anyone when I first came here, so I was motivated to network and gain work experience in any way that I could.

“During my studies I helped lecturers with research and projects. This allowed me to expand my network and gain work experience. The lecturers were very kind and helpful, giving me opportunities to work on different things and providing advice to help me develop personally and professionally.

“Receiving the University scholarships and awards made me feel that my work was recognised and valued. It motivated me to put in even more effort to do better, knowing that I was contributing to other ongoing research and building up knowledge in the field that I was working on."

In my role at Auckland Transport, I lead and support teams to develop and deliver travel behaviour change programmes.

Cody Lim

“These programmes aim to increase sustainable commuting and instil road safety awareness through engagement and partnerships with schools, communities, and internal stakeholders.

“The people I work with are very passionate in their work and are kind and supportive towards one another. Working in the public sector, I enjoy knowing that I am making a difference in people’s lives.”