Automation Analyst

The MInfoTech gave Aysel Ooi the opportunity to try different courses and discover her real passion within technology.

MInfoTech graduate Aysel Ooi

Key facts 

Career: Automation Analyst
Programme: Master of Information Technology (MInfoTech)

"I completed a Bachelor of Social Science and majored in Organisational Psychology, Employment Law, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations. While studying, I also worked as a Turkish/English interpreter and translator.

"I applied for the Master of Information Technology (MInfoTech) hoping to learn programming and data analysis. I was always aware of the power of programming; I thought this would complement my theoretical knowledge from my bachelor's degree to help create impactful and global solutions. Now I can play with data, transform it, and find the hidden insights to create unique and optimal solutions.

"The MInfoTech offers a wide range of papers within data, security, project management and deep machine learning. I had the opportunity to try different courses to discover my real passion within technology. I discovered big data analytics and automation is the field I wanted to pursue as my career.

Now I can play with data, transform it, and find the hidden insights to create unique and optimal solutions.

Aysel Ooi

"During my internship at Tower Insurance I was involved with a project called SmartMail, where we worked towards categorising and routing the vast amounts of daily emails that were received. It also included preparation of multiple automation reports for data insights. The outcome was that tasks were processed more efficiently, hours saved, and customer service improved.

"I am currently working in the same great team where I interned and am now employed as an Automation Analyst. The highlight of my career has been learning from leading experts and networking with knowledgeable people.

"To any student thinking about joining the Auckland ICT Graduate School, don't hesitate! I wasn't sure of success, as I had no prior knowledge of technology - but the staff are welcoming and supportive. I completed my master's with first-class honours and I’ve secured a job in a well-established insurance company.

"Good luck to all prospective students!"