Dr Kamal Patel

Kamal graduated with a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in August 2020, supervised by Associate Professor Viji Sarojini. He has since been offered a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, commencing in 2022.

Key facts

Programme: Doctor of Philosophy
Subject: Medicinal Chemistry

“I have been given an excellent opportunity to undertake a Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Paediatric Oncology department of Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, USA, starting in April 2022.

“My research will focus on the chemical biology of deregulated apoptotic and transcriptional pathways in cancer. To achieve this objective, I will take a multidisciplinary approach that employs synthetic chemistry techniques, structural biology analyses, and biochemical, cellular, and mouse modelling experiments to systematically dissect the pathologic signaling pathways of interest with the application of ‘stapled peptides’.

"My graduate research contributions applied my knowledge of medicinal chemistry and focused on the effect of novel long-chain peptide aldehydes as antitumor and antifungal proteasome inhibitors as well as investigation of the antimicrobial effect of cationic cell-penetrating peptides (CPPs) against pathogenic bacterial strains.

"These efforts resulted in two first-author publications and reflect my ability to rigorously conduct all aspects of a chemical biology research project that results in peer-reviewed publications (e.g. compound design and synthesis, experimental design and execution, data analysis and interpretation, and scientific writing).

"The technical proficiencies and expertise in the field helped me get into Harvard’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute to undertake a postdoctoral fellowship.

Cancer research is at the forefront of medical advancements: dedication and progress are the key to success when involved with the world’s leading cancer research institutes.

Dr Kamal Patel

"No two days will be the same and thinking out of box, challenging the conventional ways of approach will be the key to success. With these challenges comes the opportunity to learn, grow and contribute to the advancements in cancer research, which is what I love about this job.

"My research career will involve the design and rigorous evaluation of peptides deployed as cancer and antibiotic therapeutics to understand and mitigate various roadblocks hindering the use of peptides as therapeutics. In the long term, I visualise myself working as an independent research investigator."