Meg Spittal

Meg has been able to delve further into her love of plants and animals by studying Biological Sciences, and making connections through studentships with employers such as Auckland Botanic Gardens.

Key facts

Programme: Bachelor of Science
Subject: Biological Sciences

“There are many subjects available in the Biological Sciences programme - from evolution and genetics, to plant diversity and animal behaviour. Because of this, you can use your qualification and apply it to a range of jobs.

I’ve always had a passion for nature and the environment, and growing up I was always surrounded by plants and animals. In high school I enjoyed biology above everything else so I decided to delve further into it.

Meg Spittal

“In 2018 I was awarded a summer student scholarship. This was an amazing opportunity for me as I got to know some of the staff better and refine my biological skills. This really catapulted me into more opportunities, such as the summer studentship with the Auckland Botanic Gardens.

“This summer I am working with the Auckland Council and I hope to make many connections there. After that, I plan on taking a year off to work, then to return to university and complete a Postgraduate Diploma in Science, with a focus on entomology.”