Sarthak Choudhery

A Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology has put Sammy Choudhery on a path to success by developing his two passions – science and entrepreneurship.

Key facts

Programme: Bachelor of Science

Subject: Biotechnology

Science degrees aren’t all about lab coats or data crunching, as Biotechnology student Sammy (Sarthak) Choudhery has been finding out. “A Biotech degree sounds super futuristic and full of innovations. Initially, in my first year of the degree, I didn’t realise the full potential and scope of the degree. But as I explored and learnt more, I realised how awesome this degree was. It allows you to learn more than just basic scientific factual knowledge. It gives you exposure to the non-science side as well because you get to taste the innovation and entrepreneurship avenues of science.”

After discovering his passion for entrepreneurship and new ideas, Sammy has started his first successful business venture. “I have been involving myself with innovative ideas and ventures to embrace the entrepreneurial and commercial side of science. To satisfy my drive and get more involved with start-ups, I recently got involved with Nikau Robotics, a mechatronic engineering start-up. We have won a few innovation competitions at the University in the past and have recently won the Velocity $100k Challenge in the “new venture” category

It was my second time participating in the Velocity 100k Challenge. I am thrilled
to have discovered this passion and cannot wait to build myself up further in
this space.

Sammy Choudhery

Sammy credits his Biotechnology degree with developing and nurturing his curiosity: “I love the fact that a degree in Biotechnology encourages you to undertake commercial papers such as SCIGEN 201 and Innovation 203/204. The range of topics taught equip you with the basics of commerce and bringing a product to market. The flexibility to take elective courses can be used to explore more topics that you’re interested in. Personally, studying Biotechnology felt like the equivalent of learning two distinct fields of study, which gives you a taste of something new.”

Something that sets the University of Auckland apart from others he considered is the opportunity for innovation and being able to build a tribe of similar-minded friends. “I cannot appreciate the University of Auckland enough for providing excellent resources and pathways to unleash the potential of its students. It’s renowned as the most innovative university in New Zealand* and it definitely lives above and beyond this recognition. The environment it fosters is absolutely inspirational, as I get to meet and be around very high potential people and students who inspire me to exceed my limits every day.”

In the future, Sammy hopes to harness the knowledge and commercial skills he has developed during his degree and extracurricular activities. “I aspire to become a future innovator and entrepreneur in the Deep Technology space. I want to be continuously surrounded by ideas and people who hold the potential to disrupt the ‘normal’ and produce positive changes that steer the world into a better future.”

*Reuters Top 75: Asia Pacific’s Most Innovative Universities 2019