Shi-Wei Kim

Shei-Wei believes that choosing subjects you are interested in and have a passion for makes learning enjoyable and studying easier.

Key facts

Programme: Doctor of Philosophy
Subject: Chemistry

“I was always interested in the sciences when I was in high school and Chemistry was definitely my favourite subject.

“I enjoyed my undergraduate Chemistry courses at the University of Auckland so much that I decided I would like to stay and pursue further research.

“I am doing research towards the total synthesis of the natural product hyrtioseragamine A, which is an alkaloid isolated from marine sponge.

I really enjoy the independent research thatcomes with a PhD.

Shi-Wei Kim

“It has been shown to have preliminary antibacterial properties, and synthetic samples will allow for further biological testing.

“We have synthetic steps that we try to achieve, but there are often problems, like the reaction not working at all or not as well as we want, or making something unexpected. We have to find a solution to this or work around the problem.

“It’s important to actually enjoy learning – doing courses you genuinely enjoy will make studying easier and your time at University more enjoyable.”