PhD and postdoctoral research fellow opportunities in Wireless Power Transfer

19 September 2022

Our Department of Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering is recognised as a global leader in the field of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT). This achievement alone sets us apart in an already successful Engineering faculty in New Zealand's largest university.

We are currently seeking talented researchers to join us on a funded Wireless Power project. Beyond the core responsibilities, this opens up opportunities for successful candidates to work alongside Professor Patrick Hu, whose expertise you may leverage include Wireless Power, power electronics, and Electro-magnetics. This particular research will be undertaken to provide fundamental inductive and capacitive wireless power transfer technologies for future commercial applications.

PhD positions

Four prestigious PhD positions are available.
Successful candidates will receive a tax-free $40,000 stipend per annum plus fees. 

Please be aware that these positions are very competitive – our shortlisted candidates will need to go through interviews jointly organised by our industry funder and the University –we will only consider applicants with very strong academic backgrounds and research capability.

Interested candidates may submit the application online.
The applications will be on a first come first assessed basis.

Research fellow position

We are seeking a talented Research Fellow for a three-year, fixed-term contract to work on the project.

The successful applicant will:

  • Undertake research on wireless power transfer based on electric field coupling following the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering standard procedures.
  • Contribute to research and the scientific environment related to wireless power technologies by developing new theories and providing new solutions to existing engineering problems.
  • Present research results at scheduled meetings, and produce progressive reports as required by Professor Hu and funding company.
  • Take the lead in setting up the initial project implementation plan.
  • Provide guidance to the research students particularly in system modelling, analytical and numerical simulation analyses, and experimental verifications.
  • Get opportunities to work alongside other project teams, manage the relationship within team members and with the funding company.
  • Monitor the progress of the project to ensure the research tasks allocated to the team are completed on time.

Our successful candidate will need to:

  • Have a PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering or similar subjects.
  • Have minimum 3 years research experience in wireless or plugin power supplies, including but not limited to system modelling, analysis, and deign of circuits, controllers, and communication channels. 
  • Exhibit a positive, can-do approach to both research and practical implementation and have demonstrated leadership qualities.
  • Possess knowledge of the fundamentals of Wireless Power, Power Electronics, and/or electro-magnetics, and preferably has understandings of Inductive and Capacitive Coupling and electro-magnetics.
  • Have a passion for research on wireless power transfer, and demonstrate strong practical and problem solving abilities.
  • Have interpersonal skills that enables them to interact comfortably with a range of people and to lead the small research team.

The position will be formally advertised from the following site: 

Jobs at the University of Auckland

For more information, please email Prof Aiguo Patrick Hu at: