Student exchange

While we remain hopeful for the future of our exchange programme, please note that all circumstances are subject to change alongside any necessary responses to the global COVID-19 situation, including after exchange applications open.

The University has announced the opening of the 360 International semester exchange programmes for Semester Two 2021, which allows eligible undergraduate students to spend a semester abroad at an Australian partner university. For more information, please refer to semester exchange in Australia.

Engineering students can complete part of their degree overseas via the 360 International student exchange programme.

You can study and live in another culture, make new friends, get international experience, travel, build professional networks, expand your potential. and there’s also the option to undertake field trips, short courses, volunteering and internships. Learn another language if you’d like to break out of your comfort zone – all while earning credits that you will bring back to your Engineering degree.

Who can go?

Selection is based upon:

  • Enrolled at the University of Auckland in an undergraduate programme.
  • Demonstrated academic merit – a minimum CGPA of 5.0 (B average).
  • A 5.0 term GPA in the semester prior to departure.
  • Suitability of the proposed programme at the host university with your programme of study at the Faculty of Engineering.
  • Suitability as a representative of the faculty and the University of Auckland.

When can I go and for how long?

As an Engineering student, your study period is limited to one semester overseas, as only 60 points can be credited to your Bachelor Of Engineering (Honours) Programme. You might be able to go for a full year, if you are doing a conjoint degree (note that a maximum of 60 points can be credited towards the Engineering side of your conjoint degree).

You can go on exchange for, semester two of Part II, or either semester, during Part III. Because of honours, part IV (or part IV papers) are not available for the semester abroad.

You should discuss your options with staff at the Engineering Student Centre.

Where can I go?

You can choose where to go from a list of our partner universities, taking into account your personal preferences, language of instruction, courses on offer and funding available.

Below is a list of courses that our previous students have used for their Exchange experiences:

NOTE: Please note that you may use this only as a guide for starting your research on possible papers for your exchange. This list is not an exhaustive list of all courses that could be available from the University of Auckland’s approved list of exchange partners. The absence of a university/courses from this list only indicates that no students from the faculty/department have applied for course assessment for courses from a particular university/department in recent years. It is also important to note that the presence of a course on the Faculty list does not imply or guarantee availability of the course at the host university, it only indicates that if you are able to secure a seat in the course, you would be able to apply for cross-credit as indicated on the list. Please refer to the Exchange Partner University Fact Sheets for more detailed information.

What will it cost?

Because you will remain enrolled as a University of Auckland student, you will pay tuition fees here, not at the host university. However, you will be responsible for additional expenses such as accommodation, flights, insurance and living costs. You may be able to use StudyLink loans or allowances towards your exchange if eligible. There are also several grants and funding available to help defray the cost of your overseas study:

  • 360 International Exchange Awards
  • 360 International Māori and Pacific Award
  • 360 International Equity Award
  • Prime Minister’s Scholarships for Asia (PMSA) and Prime Minister's Scholarships for Latin America (PMSLA)
  • Individual universities grants and scholarships

For more information, visit 360 International Funding.

Will I get credit for courses taken abroad?

Yes, upon completion of your exchange studies, 360 International will transfer credit to your University of Auckland academic record. Credit will be transferred only for courses that have been passed and approved by the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Auckland.

Note that it is not letter grades but credit that will be transferred back to your Engineering degree.

This credit (up to a maximum of 60 points of Part II or III) will not count towards the calculation of honours GPA.

Can I change my overseas courses?

If you wish to change your course enrolments at the host university, please obtain prior approval by contacting your department's study abroad advisor with a copy to the Engineering Student Centre at

Please ensure you fill out a new course approval form, and provide relevant information to your department adviser, such as course descriptions, level of course, course equivalent, etc. The course approval form can be found under 360's Supporting Documentation.

Need more information?

Other international opportunities

Not sure that a full semester exchange is right for you? The 360 International team can help connect you with other short-term and virtual opportunities that are right for you. With options ranging from short-courses over summer, to engaging study tours, cross-cultural leadership and professional development courses, and international internships, they have something for everyone. Check out virtual opportunities and other short-term opportunities.

Who can I talk to?

If you have any question about the programme in general, how to apply or to get an update on your application, please contact the 360 International team.

If you would like to discuss academic matters such as your course approval or GPA calculation for your honours, contact the Engineering Student Centre.

Engineering advisors for student exchange

Biomedical Engineering
Dr Vinod Suresh

Chemical and Materials Engineering
Associate Professor Peng Cao

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Dr Minh Le Kieu

Computer Systems Engineering
Dr Kevin I-Kai Wang

Engineering Science
Associate Professor Cameron Walker

Software Engineering
Dr Nasser Giacaman

Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Dr Mark Andrews

Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering
Dr Vladislav Sorokin