Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences in Health Promotion

The Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences in Health Promotion is aimed at professionals working in health promotion looking to upgrade their skills and gain a postgraduate qualification as well as other graduates of relevant degrees interested in working in health promotion.

Students taking Health Promotion courses will have the opportunity to to develop academic and practitioner skills for:

  • The study of critical theoretical frameworks and models
  • Developing a Health Promotion identity through teaching of competencies, principles, values and ethics
  • Exposure to elements of practice in diverse settings
  • Developing capabilities that help address the complexity of future health issues and social problems

Programme structure

Students are required to enrol in and complete the following courses:

  • POPLHLTH 700 - Community Health Development (15 Points)
  • POPLHLTH 722 - Organisation of Health Systems (15 Points)
  • POPLHLTH 733 - Health Promotion Theory and Models (15 Points)
  • POPLHLTH 734 - Health Promotion Strategies (15 Points)

and 15 points from-

  • POPLHLTH 705 - Evaluation Research Methods
  • POPLHLTH 720 - Cost Effectiveness Evaluation
  • POPLPRAC 710 - Community Health Development Practicum
  • POPLPRAC 712 - Project Planning for Lifestyle Change

and 15 points from:

and 30 points from:


Detailed information on admission criteria, programme structure and content, and the schedule of courses can be found in the University Calendar regulations for the Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences. These should also be read in conjunction with the University's General Regulations - Postgraduate Diplomas.

New students: to ensure you enrol on time, please visit our step-by-step guide to applications, admission, and enrolment.


Dr Rachel Simon-Kumar
Associate Professor
Phone: +64 (0) 9 923 7645