Ardmore Field Station

This 10.5-hectares of pastoral land in South Auckland is primarily used as a field site for environmental research.

Ardmore Field Station seismic monitoring
Seismic monitoring at Ardmore Field Station

Due to its size and location, researchers are able to conduct large-scale experiments on the site that are not possible on the University Campuses.

Research at the site began with long-distance radio communications, before evolving into ionospheric physics and later antenna testing and meteorology. More recently, research has centred on microwave and acoustic remote sensing, along with ozone and solar radiation measurements in overcast environments. In addition, there is long-term seismic monitoring ongoing at the site.

The site also has two fully instrumented state houses, which provide a place to conduct research into building environments. Examples include measuring the effect of solar heating on interior temperature and humidity. Researchers are also looking at the impact of unvented gas heaters on moisture accumulation and carbon monoxide rates.

The site is used for undergraduate fieldwork in Environmental Physics (solid Earth and Atmospheric) and Environmental Science.

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