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Statistical consulting centre

The Statistical Consulting Centre (SCC) is part of the Department of Statistics. The SCC is a paid service and aims to provide collaborative statistical assistance to the wider University community and external clients. We regularly collaborate with clients in areas of medicine, biology, psychology, business/finance, social science, and healthcare.

The SCC also offers regular introductory R workshops at city campus of the University of Auckland, and can deliver tailored short courses at your organisation on request.

Our mission at the Statistical Consulting Centre (SCC) is to collaborate with researchers from a variety of fields and increase research outputs across the University by providing statistical assistance and advice. The SCC has a team of statistical experts with experience in working with a diverse range of sectors including medicine, biology, psychology, business/finance, social science, and healthcare. As a paid service, we provide statistical consulting services to the following groups of clients:

  • University of Auckland staff (including honorary positions) and doctoral students.
  • Research collaboration with academia outside of the University.
  • External clients (businesses, district health boards, government agencies, and more).

We have different charge out rates for internal (staff or doctoral students from the University) and external clients. Our rates depend on the type of statistical assistance required and the experience of the consultant. The consultant you are working with will provide a cost estimate and arrange a project agreement before the work starts at no charge.

    Our team members can provide you or your business on the following statistical services:

    Study design and grant applications

    • Sample size and power calculations
    • Experimental design
    • Clinical trial design
    • Survey and questionnaire design

    Data analysis and report

    • Advice on appropriate statistical methodology
    • Data collection tools and quality checks (e.g. missing data)
    • Basic and advanced statistical tests and regression modelling
    • Statistical analysis reports and journal publications

    Data visualisation

    • Expert advice on plot design
    • Preparing statistical plots for publication
    • Visualisations for public dissemination (posters, interactive webpages (R Shiny apps), and more)

    Stats NZ Integrated Data Infrastructure (IDI) analysis and advice

    • Statistical analysis on IDI projects (including Stats NZ application stage for new projects)
    • Advice or assistance on existing IDI projects

    Data monitoring and independent statistical review

    • Data safety monitoring committee service
    • Independent review of statistical methodology or results
    • Addressing peer review comments (technical reports, commercial and government reports, journal publications, and more)

    If you would like to make an enquiry, we would love to hear from you. You can either fill out a form by clicking the following button or send an email to and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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