Statistical Consulting Centre FAQs

Browse this page for frequently asked questions about our Statistics consulting services.

Who does the Statistical Consulting Centre (SCC) serve?

We serve three distinct groups: University of Auckland postgraduate students and staff, and external clients, often businesses.

Is the service available to students of other universities?

Unfortunately, no – we don’t have the capacity for this.

You encourage people to get in touch with SCC early in their research. What is the benefit of this?

Early engagement with a statistician can help you make the best decisions about design and methodology, which leads to better results. This is especially important if you are seeking research grants; it can be advantageous to have statistical support written into your grant applications.

How much do you charge?

A range of fees apply and are influenced by the complexity of the work, the seniority of the consultant and whether you are an internal or external client – staff and students of the University of Auckland are entitled to subsidies. Discuss costs with your consultant.

Do I have to pay upfront?

Progress payments can be made monthly. Full payment to be made within one month of project completion.

How do I book a meeting with a consultant?

Fill in a Client Information Sheet and click the 'Submit request' button at the bottom – we’ll then be in touch.
Your consultant will provide you with a proposal of the statistical work required for your project, including an estimate of the time required and hence the cost.

Why don’t you do consulting by email?

We find that statistical problems with real data are always more complicated than first thought, and we believe that face-to-face meetings are far more productive.

What statistical test should I use?

We advise you to discuss this with your consultant to determine the most effective method to display and analyse your data. It would be wise to talk to a statistician before you collect any data.

How do you prefer to receive data?

In Excel spreadsheets.

Can you help me rearrange data to prepare it for analysis?

Unfortunately, no – SCC does not offer statistical computing services.

What about intellectual copyright issues?

The consultant shall retain intellectual copyright in all drawings, specifications and other documents prepared by the consultant. You are entitled to use them or copy them only for the services and the purpose for which they are intended.
The ownership of data and factual information collected by the consultant performing and paid for by you shall, after payment, lie with yourself. You may reproduce drawings, specifications and other documents in which the consultant has copyright, as reasonably required in connection with the project but not otherwise.
You shall have no right to use any of these documents where any or all of the fees and expenses remain payable to the Statistical Consulting Centre.

I need to brush up my statistical skills. Can you offer tailored workshops and one-on-one tutorials?

Yes, we can. Please get in touch with us at