Alana Jacobson-Pepere

Alana wants to help create solutions for a more sustainable future.

Key facts

Programme: Bachelor of Science

Subject: Geography and Environmental Science

Iwi: Ngāti Porou

“I chose to major in Geography and Environmental Science because I was interested in human processes and how interactions between humans and the environment impact our future and decision making.

“I am a huge advocate of creating a sustainable future and I believe trying to understand our environment starts by understanding human behaviours. 

Majoring in these subjects has given me a deeper understanding of human behaviours, physical processes and how technology intertwines with all the subjects.

Alana Jacobson-Pepere

“My favourite project was in GEOG315. It required using a Geographic Information Science analysis to map out vegan restaurants in Auckland and see where they are concentrated and what that means in regard to human choices towards food consumption.

“I hope to work in a place that provides sustainable future plans to help create a world that is better for us. Instead of trying to create new scientific solutions to problems, I believe that the solutions are already in front of us and it just takes a better understanding of the world we live in now to create a solution to our problems.”