Treselle Raman

Treselle enjoyed the challenge of studying chemistry and the supportive environment of the Tuākana programme. She hopes to return to Fiji and use her knowledge to help her community.

Key facts

Programme: Bachelor of Science
Subject: Green Chemical Science

“I enjoy the challenge of studying Chemistry as it involves analytical thinking and problem solving. I also love to learn, so what better degree than Chemistry - studying atoms that literally make up everything.

“All different types of chemistry - organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, biochemistry and green - are available at the University, which allows me to choose to either specialise or have a more general Chemistry degree. The capstone course is also great as I will have the chance to apply concepts learnt during my degree and have the opportunity to work with others on a project.

The labs were so enjoyable because I had a fantastic Teaching Assistant who was patient, helpful and heaps of fun. I also made friends during the labs which
made each class less stressful and brought laughs as well as having people to bounce things off of whenever I wasn’t 100% sure of what I was doing.

Treselle Raman

“The Tuākana programme was great to be part of as not only did it provide support when needed and a place to make friends, it helped me apply the content I learnt in lectures with the worksheets provided by the Tuākana tutors for each topic.

“I grew up in Suva, Fiji. I was born in New Zealand but moved to Fiji with my family when I was six. I returned to New Zealand to attend the University of Auckland but am hoping to eventually return to Fiji and use what I’ve learnt to help in my community.”