Webinar resources

We have collated a list of resources we think would be beneficial to your degree planning and enrolment, as mentioned in our Future Science Student Webinars.

Canvas Student Guide - Everything you need to know about how to navigate your Canvas student portal.

Science Student Survival Guide - Your go-to guide for surviving your first year of study, and to help you make the most of the range of resources available to you.

Student Tools - A handy homepage for all of the University applications and services you need.

Science Degree Planners - Here you can find all of our Bachelor of Science degree planners from 2019 onwards.

Undergraduate Enrolment - Videos and instructions on how to enrol in courses for your undergraduate programme.

Enrolling in Biomedical Science - A video and instructions on how to enrol in your cohort of courses for your first year in Biomedical Science.

Enrolling using Timetable Planner - Videos and instructions on how to enrol in courses for your undergraduate programme using Timetable Planner.

Changing your Enrolment - Instructions on how to drop, swap, or edit your courses in Student Services Online.

General Education - A list of all the General Education schedules offered. Please note: Science students must choose from either the Open or the Engineering, Medical and Health Sciences, Science (EMHSS) schedules.

Modules - The modules offered by the Faculty of Science.

Academic English Language Requirement - Information on the Academic English Language Requirement.

Academic Integrity - Information on the Academic Integrity course which you must complete in your first semester of study.

Applying for an enrolment concession - A video and instructions on how to apply for a concession.

Enrolment concessions for Faculty of Science students - Further information around concessions with the Faculty of Science.