We're leading the way in areas such as composite materials, fuel efficiency and combustion, Industry 4.0, manufacturing, yacht design, and more.

Research areas

Aerodynamics and wind engineering

Research to improve our understanding, efficiency, performance and safety of all interactions with the air around us. Learn more.

Acoustics Research

The Acoustics Research Centre undertakes theoretical, computational and experimental research on a broad range of subjects within the field of acoustics. Learn more.

Design and Development

The Design and Development Research Group undertakes research with an ultimate aim to provide pragmatic support for engineering design and development. Learn more.

Dynamics and control

Dynamics and control are heavily involved in system modelling and simulation, sensing , computation and actuation. Learn more.

Laboratory for Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Systems

Developing innovative and practical solutions to problems in the manufacturing industry and, in particular, in small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in New Zealand. Learn more.

Mechanics of materials and composites

Composite material systems combine two or more materials with very different properties into a new designed material. Learn more.

Mechatronics research

A newly established area bringing together expertise from a number of different research and consulting disciplines. Learn more.

Thermofluids research

Fundamental and applied studies into thermal and fluid dynamic systems, from conventional scales down to micro scales, at our brand-new Thermofluids laboratory. Learn more.

Research facilities

Aerodynamics Laboratory - Wind Tunnel Hall

Wind tunnels designed for experimental investigations of the aerodynamics of a wide range of objects. Learn more.

Centre for Advanced Composite Materials (CACM)

The centre aims to bring together capabilities throughout the country to conduct research into advanced composite materials and manufacturing processes. Learn more.

Dynamics and Control Laboratory

Provides equipment specifically required for creating structural dynamics and the active control of these structures. Learn more.

Energy and Fuels Research Unit (EFRU)

Established in 1978, this unit has been at the forefront of research and development in the vehicle alternative fuels industry in New Zealand. Learn more.

Laboratory for Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing Systems

Forming collaborations between industry and researchers to embrace Industry 4.0 for future manufacturing. Learn more.

Mechatronics laboratories

Provides specialist equipment used to investigate areas such as medical & rehabilitation robotics, micro-systems & functional materials and industrial solutions. Learn more.

Thermofluids laboratory

Specialised equipment related to thermal systems, including heat transfer, refrigeration and internal combustion engines. Learn more.

Yacht Research Unit (YRU)

The primary function of the YRU is to coordinate and promote research and engineering activities relating to yachts. Learn more.