Coastal and marine research

We offer Masters and PhD research opportunities in a wide range of subjects. Browse the links below for more information.

Whangamata Harbour. Credit Dave Allen NIWA.

We examine the physical processes that control the formation and change of coastal landforms and nearshore environments.

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Our research covers a wide range of marine organisms and environments, and involves questions from both basic science and applied perspectives.

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Fish underwater

We study the biology and ecology of fish and other harvested seafood species, from recruitment to population dynamics.

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Tangaroa multibeam, NIWA

Our research covers a wide range of modern and ancient geological problems in the submarine arena.

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New Zealand from above

As an essential part of the earth's climate, the ocean is a source of numerous resources (fisheries, fossil fuels, minerals).

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mussel farm under water

Our research covers many aspects of aquaculture, from production through to the processing of end products.

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