Research institutes and centres

The Faculty of Science hosts several research institutes and centres, who are involved in a wide range of exciting and innovative research.

DNA double helix

Our research and education centre bringing together biosciences, health sciences, computer science, mathematics, and statistics to understand complex datasets.

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Stitchbirds in the hand

Our centre brings together software and mathematical models to enhance understanding of evolution and ecology.

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GMC researcher collecting kelp

We are a multi-disciplinary research centre focussing on environmental restoration, conservation and sustainability.


Our partnership between Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research and the University supports research in biodiversity and biosecurity.

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Cybersecurity logo

Our industry-focused research covers the field of digital security, based on next-generation technology.

People in front of a wall screen

We develop new ways to apply computer and information sciences to all research and science disciplines.

Plants in jars

We aim to create a sustainable future through interdisciplinary research, education and public engagement in Green Chemical Science.

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Innovative fundamental and applied research over a broad range of optics-related topics.


We are a multidisciplinary centre of expertise in space science and engineering, with the capability to execute space missions and develop applications.

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PBC research

This cross-disciplinary research centre develops functional materials for health and wellness.

Photonics researchers

We strive to understand the fundamental questions of science and apply our knowledge to solve real-world problems.

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Our centre for postgraduate study in Wine Science is located on beautiful Waiheke Island.

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Beach under the night sky

Our Centre for Fundamental Inquiry brings together a wide range of researchers to address some of the great mysteries of existence.


We are a transdisciplinary research centre exploring how individuals, organisations and machines think.

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