Our research

We develop materials for health and wellness with a specific focus on areas of bioelectronics, sensors, membranes and packaging, and tissue interfaces.


The Polymer Biointerface Centre is a cross-disciplinary research centre, which advances materials and devices for human and animal health and wellness. It brings together expertise across the disciplines, particularly chemistry, biology, physics, medicine and engineering. Our research focuses on four key areas.

Research areas


Creating electronic communication bridges between devices and biological matter (cells, tissues, organs, bodies). Examples involve:

  • Development of new organic conducting materials with biomimetic properties
  • Interfacing miniaturized human tissue and organ models to study
  • Important biological and physiological responses conformal electronic devices that measure and sense


Developing disposable and non-invasive sensors and biosensors to monitor important biological and physiological parameters.

These may be point-of-care and in-field (bio)sensors, and implantable or integrated (bio)sensors with the bioelectronic devices for long-term monitoring of physiological states.

Membranes and Packaging

Creating multifunctional membranes that can specifically capture and release biological targets to concentrate these for analysis and diagnostics; that can act as antimicrobial and antioxidant interfaces.

Tissues interfaces

Development of novel materials for interfacing with biological matter and understanding phenomena and surface properties that underpin material-biomolecule interactions.

Examples include creating smart materials that control cellular, tissues and organs’ behaviour.