Janel Tolentino

Janel loves keeping her options open with her exercise sciences and music conjoint programme.

Key facts

Programme: Bachelor of Science/ Bachelor of Music conjoint
Subject: Exercise Sciences and Music

“Both of my older sisters studied at the University of Auckland, and they told about the wonderful learning environment, extracurricular activities, and the resources that the University offers. The University’s world rank status also drew me to study here.

“I decided to take a conjoint degree because I have an equal interest in both fields – my passion for music and my love for science involving sports, the human body and human movement. I love the vast variety of topics covered, as my conjoint programme allows me to study two subjects – which are arguably very different from one another – that I very much enjoy learning.

I’m lucky that my programme allows me to have a range of opportunities for the future. 

Janel Tolentino

"For Exercise Sciences, I would love to be able to work with everyday people and/or professional athletes, and help them to improve their performance. For Music, I would love to produce and write music professionally. I’m also interested in teaching either subject in secondary school – I’m keeping my options open!

“I have a University of Auckland Scholarship, which has helped me immensely. It has encouraged me to learn and perform to the best of my abilities in order to feel deserving of it, and it has taken some of the financial weight off my family’s shoulders.

“University has allowed me to mature – in terms of my learning and work ethic. I have been fortunate enough to be taught by lecturers that are passionate about what they are teaching, and tutors that genuinely care about helping students perform to the best of their abilities.”