Nikita Sloane

Nikita is looking forward to continuing her research into exercise physiology beyond her PhD.

Key facts

Programme: Doctor of Philosophy
Subject: Exercise Sciences

“I decided to pursue my honours degree and then my PhD because I still had a lot that I wanted to learn, and I discovered that research is a creative and challenging pathway that will allow me to do that.

"I’ve gained a deeper understanding of my areas of interest that will allow me to contribute toward new research in the field.

I chose the University of Auckland as it is ranked first in New Zealand for Science-related topics.

Nikita Sloane

“I knew I’d be able to engage in the laboratories and learn from world-class lecturers. Another reason for choosing the University of Auckland is that I wanted a sport and exercise science-related degree that was very science-focused, and I believe this is a strength of the University of Auckland programme compared to others.

“I am researching in the area of exercise physiology with a focus on integrative cardiovascular physiology. My PhD thesis is about the effects of cardiovascular disease and exercise training on cardiovascular function and regulation in middle-aged and older women.

“I hope to be able to continue researching how exercise can benefit individuals with chronic disease. I am aiming to work internationally after my PhD to gain more experience in leading laboratories.”