Rachel Sullivan

Rachel keeps building on her knowledge confident that she will be graduating with a well-recognised and respected international qualification.

Key facts

Programme: Master of Science
Subject: Clinical Exercise Physiology

“I have always been interested in human physiology and how this can be altered by disease. I was also highly athletic throughout my childhood, competing in a range of activities from netball and athletics to gymnastics and dancing.

“My Bachelor of Science degree with the Department of Exercise Sciences allowed me to combine these two areas of interest and learn more about the systemic effects of exercise on the human body and how this may be used to improve health and wellbeing.

“As part of my degree, I was privileged to receive a Summer Research Scholarship looking at the impact of aerobic exercise on visual perceptual learning. I gained valuable insight into a professional research environment, working with participants and completing advanced laboratory techniques such as VO2 max testing.

What I like most about Exercise Sciences is that the combination of courses allows you to graduate with a wide and comprehensive knowledge base. 

Rachel Sullivan

"The skills you acquire are fundamental to helping clients reach their peak, whether they are athletes, first time exercisers or patients living with chronic illness.

“After finishing my BSc I found work as a research assistant within the physical activity team at the National Institute for Health Innovation; as well as a swim instructor and an outdoor education instructor.

“The flexibility within the programme has allowed me to continue my studies part-time and work towards helping patients achieve the best quality of life they can.

"I chose the University of Auckland because it is recognised as a world-ranked university, where courses are taught by academics with high research output who are extremely knowledgeable within their field."