Lucia Du

Lucia Du enjoyed the hands-on work undertaken during her Biomedical Science honours year so much she’s now doing a PHD to further her research skills.

“Our body clocks are constantly being disrupted by our modern lifestyles. My thesis investigates how this disruption impacts our immune system to develop new time-based strategies and targets for treating inflammatory disorders.”

“My interest in molecular biology also fuels my drive for this project, which involves setting up a new tool to visually explore the underlying molecular mechanisms to answer pending questions at the forefront of this field.

“The opportunity to work alongside academics highly regarded in their field was invaluable in terms of my personal growth as a researcher.

“Biomedical Sciences was an area I found really interesting and I really enjoyed the hands-on work during my honours year so I wanted to pursue a PhD to further develop my research skills.

“The University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship has helped tremendously in financially supporting me during my PhD. This has opened up more time for me to focus on my research.

“I’ve attended several Career Development and Employability Services workshops, which have been excellent in helping me with my professional development in terms of career planning and networking skills.

“I would recommend that students try to participate in campus life. My time as a student representative on the Postgraduate Students’ Association has been amazing as it enabled me to contribute towards the promotion and growth of the academic and social interests of postgraduate students at the faculty. It was also a great way to make new friends outside of my research department.”