Doctoral scholarships

We offer a wide range of scholarships to fund your doctoral study with us.

University of Auckland scholarships

University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarship
The Faculty of Arts can nominate up to 21 University of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships in 2023.If you wish to be considered for these scholarships this is done as part of the application for admission to the doctoral programme.  

Major scholarships for Arts students

Faculty of Arts Doctoral Scholarship
A Scholarship to cover compulsory tuition fees for international and domestic students enrolled full-time or part-time in a PhD in the Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Arts PhD Fees-Free Bursary
A Bursary covering the cost of compulsory tuition fees for one year to assist domestic and international PhD students in the Faculty of Arts.

Other scholarships

Freemasons University and Postgraduate Scholarships
For students in their final year of a Bachelors degree or Bachelors (Hons) degree, Graduate Diploma, PGDip, Masters degree or Doctorate degree in any subject; value up to $10,000 for Postgraduate Scholarships.

Sanders Memorial Scholarship
For children of members of Mercantile Marine or Navy entering first year of any full-time programme; value up to $1,200.

More scholarships

You might be pleasantly surprised at the amount of scholarships available.


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