Choosing a programme

While some people know exactly what degree they want to study, others know only that they want to attend university. Take some time to browse through our range of undergraduate programmes. You can search by subject, career and title using the programme finder.

Some degrees make it easy for you to keep your options open during the first year. For example, the Stage I requirements for Science majors usually make it possible to take courses for up to three different majors in your first year. Likewise, an Arts degree lets you try out different subjects before you decide on your major and minor. By the time you get to your second year of study, your direction is likely to be much clearer.

If you would like further information, you can:

You can also contact the University Call Centre for more information:
Phone: 0800 61 62 63 (+64 9 923 1969 for calls outside New Zealand)

Our faculties also hold information sessions about their programmes of study. If you are still at high school, your careers adviser will have information about upcoming sessions.